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Quote Of The Day #2

“One must accept the fact that others don’t see what you do.”— Louise Bourgeois.And that shouldn’t stop you doing what you love, doing what you do right now; your hustle pursuing dreams no one can see but you. Along the way you’ll find that not everyone will get that; and that’s perfectly fine. We get things on our own plate; and that’s what we should take care of. Beside, there’ll be people who care. Notice the people that acknowledge you.Quick conversation after personal text with somebody on saturday noon._ Get the phone case version: available on transparent white [x] or black [x]and use “KEX2NU” (valid for one use) for $10 discount + free shipping worldwide ❤️_Love, + by my art at :Casetify (get $10 off by using KEX2NU code) // Etsy  // CommissionMore:  facebook / instagram


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