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Quote Of The Day #3

Maybe that’s just how life rolls. Things changed in a blink of an eye; and the next second I found myself sat in front of a person I look up all this while. And deep conversation happened just like that; watching stories unfold in front of our very eyes.You know one thing I love the most about deep conversation? It’s that you give a person time and attention you’ll never get back.Your eyes always had this watery shimmering spark; the kind of inexplicable glow that beams as conversation go by. You know, It’s like a racing car in a tunnel with one constant light. Barely shaking but radiate; and stupidly enough I kinda sucked into the ride.Hour passed; uncounted deep exhales. I learn a lot about you I didn’t see it before, things I never knew. It was a moderately perfect combination of everything I wanted to hear, things I wanted to know, and things I need to acknowledge bound into perfection.And it was as warm as I thought it would be. I think my heart just melted all over the inside of my chest cavities. I mentally locked the whole things you said.A mountain keeps an echo deep inside.That’s how I hold your voice.- Rumi.I hold on to that.I hold on to that tight, You.Today’s lettering; Jakarta’s 10 PM night._Love, + by my art at :Casetify (get $10 off by using KEX2NU code) // Etsy  // CommissionMore:  facebook / instagram

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